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Intro To LGCB

LGCB stands for Linux Guide for Complete Beginners. It is a book published here: .

Who Is Peter?

Peter is me, the author of this book and videos. My internet handle is usually happypeter, like my github user account is happypeter. I am a full stack JS developer, who started as a user of Linux in 2006, and removed Windows from my workstation in 2008, and worked with Ubuntu since then. But from 2014, Apple's Macbook has been my main workstation, but hey, Mac and Linux, they are both Unix-Like, they both have bash on their system, so the difference is minor. When it comes to servers, I always use Ubuntu.

Course Intro

Linux is notorious for being difficult to have hands-on. Luckily as an App developer, you only need a small part of all the tricks. But for beginners, it's hard to tell which part?! What commands are mostly used? So here comes in this course, I will talk you all the way through and we will learn by doing. Ubuntu will be used to achieve day-to-day developer tasks, all the content is very useful to beginners.

We will cover things like:

  • How to set up your terminal.
  • Linux file system.
  • How to navigate through it.
  • Users and Permissions.
  • Network setup.
  • Redirection, Process, Search.
  • Software Packages and How to Install.
  • and last but not least, how to do bash scripts.


If your work requires you open two windows the most of time, one is a text editor, the other a terminal. This course is for you. If all you need to finish your work is the terminal, then it is very likely you are a system administrator, then this course is not enough for you, but could be a stepping stone for your next step of learning.

If you do PHP, python, or Ruby, then this course is perfect for you. And if you do native apps on Android or iOS, this course is also for you. It is a course for People Building Things, for the craftsmen.