Learn how to use redux step by step
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This repository contains a step by step tutorial to help grasp flux and more specifically Redux.

The official and very exhaustive Redux documentation is available here and should be your number one source of truth regarding Redux. The present tutorial will only offer you an introduction to flux concepts through Redux use. For further or more detailed info, please refer to the Redux documentation.


It is required for you to know a bit of ES6 and ES7 (Object Spread) to correctly understand some of the examples given in this repo. Also be aware that this tutorial targets redux 3.0.2 and react-redux 4.0.0.

Clone the repository

git clone https://github.com/happypoulp/redux-tutorial.git

Move into repository

cd redux-tutorial

Install dependencies

npm install

Browse the tutorial

This tutorial is split into a sequence of javascript files that are intended to be read in order.

Start with the first tutorial: Introduction

Run an example

Being real js files, each example can be run to verify that it works as intended or to do your own experiments:

npm run example 01_simple-action-creator.js