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Runner Up of National Blockchain Challenge 19 - decentralized crowdfunding platform with Harberger crypto-collectibles using the Truffle suite, Solidity smart contract and React framework.
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Patronage Collectibles

A decentralized Patreon using the Truffle development suite, Solidity smart contracts, and React.


To get started, install the following on your machine:

Solidity Learning Materials

New to Solidity? Here are some recommended resources to start with.

  • Truffle Pet Shop tutorial: An end-to-end walkthrough of the basics of building a dApp.
  • Solidity in Depth: It's important to familiarize yourself with the Solidity language.
  • ERC20 Token Standard Interface: Other than the Solidity, you'll want to get familiar with the ERCX standards and EIP proposals within the ecosystem. The ERC20 standard is a widely adopted interface for tokens.
  • OpenZeppelin: Once you have a firm grasp of the language and standards, start going through open source Solidity projects. The OpenZeppelin project is a useful (albeit incomplete) overview of what's possible with smart contracts.
  • Smart Contract Best Practices: Helps you understand non-functional requirements within the smart contract ecosystem: design patterns, security, upgradability, and tooling.
  • Ethernaut: Advanced security topics. Optional, but important.

Getting Started

  • Make sure that Ganache is up and running locally at port 8545.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts & Keys
  • Disable Autogenerate HD Mnemonic and enter a Mnemonic you wish to use.
  • Then, do the following:
git clone
npm install

truffle migrate

cd app/
npm run start
  • Import the mnemonic you used in Ganache to Metamask.
  • On Metamask, use a 'Custom Network' pointing to localhost:8545.
  • Open your browser at localhost:3000.


dapp-boilerplate © 2019+, Yos Riady. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Yos Riady with help from contributors (list).  ·  GitHub @yosriady

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