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All notable changes that affect the backwards compatability of this project will be documented in this file.

2.9.2 - 2014-12-14


  • jPlayer Repository Refactor: The skins source files are now in src/skin and the build skins files in the dist/skin folder.
  • jPlayer Repository Refactor: All the circle player specific files are now in the lib/circle-player folder.
  • jPlayer Repository Refactor: Changed the html examples file extentions from htm to html for @Laurian.

2.8.2 - 2014-11-19

The author appologises for breaking the Semantic Versioning rules again in this update.


  • Package Fix: The un-minified source is now also added to the dist folder.


  • Package Fix: Renamed the built folder to dist, which is more appropriate than the previous naming of js.
  • Default Options: The default key bindings have been changed to:
    • p play/pause toggle
    • f full/restore screen toggle
    • m mute/unmute toggle
    • , decrease volume
    • . increase volume
    • [ previous item (playlist)
    • ] next item (playlist)


  • Package Fix: The old js build folder.

2.8.0 - 2014-11-11

The author appologises for breaking the Semantic Versioning rules and only raising the MINOR version, instead of correctly increamenting the MAJOR version.


  • jPlayer Repository Refactor: Added all download content to the repository and added a grunt build system. The example demos work within the repository, and use the built (minified) jPlayer files.


  • Refactor: Renamed the SWF file from Jplayer.swf to jquery.jplayer.swf
  • Refactor: The Flash jquery.jplayer.swf file is now compiled using the Flex compiler in the grunt-mxmlc node.js module.
  • Skins: The skins are now designed for ARIA. Please use the options {useStateClassSkin: true, autoBlur: false}


  • Refactor: Refactored the Flash ActionScript, removing the TraceOut class from the code and the happyworm package.

2.7.1 - 2014-09-19

This was the last version that used the old repository structure.