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bower component file #132

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a component.json was added so that people can install jPlayer via Bower

Gao Yingkai and others added some commits

This will be the 3rd JSON file that I need to update every time the repo updates. But I will add it... Hopefully in this round of updates.

@happyworm happyworm was assigned

Added the bower.json to the dev branch. Renamed the component.json file as per new guidelines at Bower website.

Release note (It has links and such):
[dev] Bower Support: Added bower.json file to the jPlayer Repository. This addition was proposed here bower component file by popol1991


@happyworm happyworm closed this

I'm no Bower expert by any mean, but can this also include the swf as part of the package?


I believe this works similar to npm and will pull in the whole package. The main array in the JSON then points to the JS and the CSS and can be useful for automating other parts of the build process.


Hello @popol1991 would you please sign our CLA



Hello @popol1991
Please sign the CLA

If you do not want to sign it, then please contact me and we can remove your contribution from the project.

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Commits on Jan 29, 2013
  1. bower component.json

    Gao Yingkai committed
  2. @popol1991

    semantic version for jquery

    popol1991 committed
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  1. +8 −0 component.json
8 component.json
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+ "name": "jPlayer",
+ "version": "2.2.0",
+ "main": ["./jquery.jplayer/jquery.jplayer.js","./skin/pink.flag/"],
+ "dependencies": {
+ "jquery": ">=1.7.2"
+ }
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