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Building on gcc 4.4 reports "start may be used uninitialized". This is
a classical case of dependency between two variables where the compiler
lost track of their initialization and doesn't know that if one is not
set, the other is. By just moving the second test in the else clause
of the assignment both fixes it and makes the code more efficient, and
this can be simplified as a ternary operator.

It's probably not needed to backport this, unless anyone reports build
warnings with more recent compilers (intermediary optimization levels
such as -O1 can sometimes trigger such warnings).


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The HAProxy documentation has been split into a number of different files for
ease of use.

Please refer to the following files depending on what you're looking for :

  - INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install HAProxy
  - BRANCHES to understand the project's life cycle and what version to use
  - LICENSE for the project's license
  - CONTRIBUTING for the process to follow to submit contributions

The more detailed documentation is located into the doc/ directory :

  - doc/intro.txt for a quick introduction on HAProxy
  - doc/configuration.txt for the configuration's reference manual
  - doc/lua.txt for the Lua's reference manual
  - doc/SPOE.txt for how to use the SPOE engine
  - doc/network-namespaces.txt for how to use network namespaces under Linux
  - doc/management.txt for the management guide
  - doc/regression-testing.txt for how to use the regression testing suite
  - doc/peers.txt for the peers protocol reference
  - doc/coding-style.txt for how to adopt HAProxy's coding style
  - doc/internals for developer-specific documentation (not all up to date)