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capflam MINOR: mux-h2: Set HTX extra value when possible
For now, this can be only done when a content-length is specified. In fact, it
is the same value than h2s->body_len, the remaining body length according to
content-length. Setting this field allows the fast forwarding at the channel
layer, improving significantly data transfer for big objects.

This patch may be backported to 1.9.
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.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE DOC: add github issue templates Jan 17, 2019
contrib CONTRIB: contrib/prometheus-exporter: Add a Prometheus exporter for H… Feb 8, 2019
doc DOC: ssl: Stop documenting ciphers example to use Feb 6, 2019
ebtree CLEANUP: fix typos in comments in ebtree Nov 18, 2018
examples [RELEASE] Released version 2.0-dev0 Dec 22, 2018
include BUG/MEDIUM: h2/htx: Correctly handle interim responses when HTX is en… Feb 19, 2019
reg-tests BUG/MEDIUM: compression: Rewrite strong ETags Jan 29, 2019
scripts SCRIPTS: add the issue tracker URL to the announce script Jan 29, 2019
src MINOR: mux-h2: Set HTX extra value when possible Feb 19, 2019
tests CLEANUP: fix a misspell in tests/filltab25.c Nov 18, 2018
.gitignore DOC: split the README into README + INSTALL Dec 16, 2018
CHANGELOG [RELEASE] Released version 2.0-dev0 Dec 22, 2018
INSTALL [RELEASE] Released version 2.0-dev0 Dec 22, 2018
LICENSE LICENSE: add licence exception for OpenSSL Sep 7, 2012
MAINTAINERS DOC: fix reference to map files in MAINTAINERS Oct 17, 2018
Makefile MEDIUM: 51d: Enabled multi threaded operation in the 51Degrees module. Feb 8, 2019
README DOC: split the README into README + INSTALL Dec 16, 2018
ROADMAP DOC: update the roadmap about priority queues Aug 10, 2018
SUBVERS BUILD: use format tags in VERDATE and SUBVERS files Dec 10, 2013
VERDATE [RELEASE] Released version 2.0-dev0 Dec 22, 2018
VERSION [RELEASE] Released version 2.0-dev0 Dec 22, 2018


The HAProxy documentation has been split into a number of different files for
ease of use.

Please refer to the following files depending on what you're looking for :

  - INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install HAProxy
  - LICENSE for the project's license
  - CONTRIBUTING for the process to follow to submit contributions

The more detailed documentation is located into the doc/ directory :

  - doc/intro.txt for a quick introduction on HAProxy
  - doc/configuration.txt for the configuration's reference manual
  - doc/lua.txt for the Lua's reference manual
  - doc/SPOE.txt for how to use the SPOE engine
  - doc/network-namespaces.txt for how to use network namespaces under Linux
  - doc/management.txt for the management guide
  - doc/regression-testing.txt for how to use the regression testing suite
  - doc/peers.txt for the peers protocol reference
  - doc/coding-style.txt for how to adopt HAProxy's coding style
  - doc/internals for developer-specific documentation (not all up to date)