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BUILD: ssl: Allow building against libssl without SSLv3.

If SSLv3 is explicitely requested but not available, warn the user and
bail out.
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jcourreges authored and Willy Tarreau committed Jul 25, 2015
1 parent e192cbb commit 17c3f6284cf605e47f6525c077bc644c45272849
Showing with 14 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +14 −2 src/ssl_sock.c
@@ -1937,8 +1937,14 @@ int ssl_sock_prepare_ctx(struct bind_conf *bind_conf, SSL_CTX *ctx, struct proxy
ssloptions |= SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_2;
if (bind_conf->ssl_options & BC_SSL_O_NO_TLS_TICKETS)
ssloptions |= SSL_OP_NO_TICKET;
if (bind_conf->ssl_options & BC_SSL_O_USE_SSLV3)
if (bind_conf->ssl_options & BC_SSL_O_USE_SSLV3) {
SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(ctx, SSLv3_server_method());
Alert("SSLv3 support requested but unavailable.\n");
if (bind_conf->ssl_options & BC_SSL_O_USE_TLSV10)
SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(ctx, TLSv1_server_method());
#if SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_1
@@ -2305,8 +2311,14 @@ int ssl_sock_prepare_srv_ctx(struct server *srv, struct proxy *curproxy)
options |= SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_2;
if (srv->ssl_ctx.options & SRV_SSL_O_NO_TLS_TICKETS)
options |= SSL_OP_NO_TICKET;
if (srv->ssl_ctx.options & SRV_SSL_O_USE_SSLV3)
if (srv->ssl_ctx.options & SRV_SSL_O_USE_SSLV3) {
SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(srv->ssl_ctx.ctx, SSLv3_client_method());
Alert("SSLv3 support requested but unavailable.");
if (srv->ssl_ctx.options & SRV_SSL_O_USE_TLSV10)
SSL_CTX_set_ssl_version(srv->ssl_ctx.ctx, TLSv1_client_method());
#if SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1_1

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