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Demonstrates using AWS X-Ray for distributed tracing with HAProxy
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HAProxy AWS X-Ray for Distributed Tracing

Use AWS X-Ray for distributed tracing with HAProxy.


Add the file haproxy-xray/credentials and add the AWS access key and secret access key, such as:

aws_access_key_id = AKIAIQ...
aws_secret_access_key = NLWyU0...

Change the AWS region where AWS X-Ray is running if needed in haproxy-xray/cfg.yaml.

Start the demo by using docker-compose up:

docker-compose build --no-cache
docker-compose up -d

Then, monitor the haproxy or xray container logs.

docker-compose logs -f xray

To get a full example running, log into the AWS Console and go to the AWS X-Ray Getting Started tab. From there, you can launch a sample Node.js application that comes equipped to send X-Ray segments. Then, replace the server address in haproxy.cfg with the public IP of the sample application. This will be shown as the ElasticBeanstalkEnvironmentURL on the Outputs tab on the CloudFormation Stacks screen.

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