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  • ParticleString2D.clear() bugfix
  • removed all uses of 'instanceof' test, replaced with property testing
  • toxi/THREE/ToxiclibsSupport updated for latest revision of Three.js and now usable as an AMD module
  • Rect#setDimensions bugfix
  • Line2D#scale bugfix
  • Triangle2D#getCircumCircle bugfix


  • released as AMD modules,for use with RequireJS or Node.js
  • packaging changed to conform to Java lib packages
  • published to NPM
  • new classes
    • toxi.math.noise.PerlinNoise
    • toxi.math.noise.simplexNoise
    • toxi.math.conversion.unitTranslator
    • toxi.processing.ToxiclibsSupport
    • toxi.THREE.ToxiclibsSupport
  • all examples edited for updated lib packaging
  • new examples
    • PerlinNoise_canvas.html
    • SimplexNoise_canvas.html
  • bugfix on toxi.geom.Vec3D#scaleSelf
  • build files are now available as toxiclibs.js and toxiclibs.min.js
  • process for producing build/ files changed to use r.js and Uglify.js and uses almond to provide a light-weight require shim.
  • markdown documentation added to docs/
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