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Toxiclibs.js CHANGES


  • fix implementation of toxi.geom.mesh.WETriangleMesh that resulted in duplicate edges and broken meshes.
  • optimize toxi.internals.LinkedMap
  • fix typo in toxi.color reference to ComplementaryStrategy


  • fix NPM publish issue where and bin/toxiclibsjs were not included
  • build system for global toxi object, now uses browserify, no longer using almond.js


  • uses nodefy to convert all AMD modules into commonjs modules for publishing to NPM. This means toxiclibjs.js now works with Browserify and no longer has a dependency on Require.js when consumed through NPM for Node.js. This also enables deep-requires for Node, such as var Vec2D = require('toxiclibsjs/geom/Vec2D').


  • another version bump due to NPM failing publish


  • version bump due to NPM's 503 backend unhealthy
  • cleaned up toxi/math/*.js modules


  • resolve issue #28, toxi.geom.mesh.BezierPatch fails w/o Vec3D[][]
  • bugfix Vec2D#to3D** functions shouldn't have nested requires


  • improved toxi.THREE.ToxiclibsSupport.createMeshGeometry( triMesh, [geom] ):THREE.Geometry to avoid duplicated vertices
  • bugfix resolve issue #27 where toxi.physics2d.constraints.RectConstraint, toxi.physics2d.constraints.AngularConstraint and toxi.physics2d.ParticlePath2D had missing require's
  • added toxi.geom.Polygon2D#getBounds():Rect
  • added toxi.geom.Rect.getBoundingRect( points ):Rect
  • added toxi.geom.Rect#growToContainPoint( point ):Rect
  • fixed possible "module toxi/geom/Circle has not been loaded yet…" error from Require.js when loading only toxi.geom.Polygon2D with Require.js.
  • added bower.json


  • bugfix resolved issue #26 where toxi.geom.Spline3D and toxi.geom.Spline2D had incorrect number of computed vertices.


  • bugfix case-sensitivity on loading modules toxi/color/accessCriteria, toxi/color/namedColor, toxi/color/theory/colorTheoryRegistry


  • bugfix toxi.geom.Ray2D#toLine2DWithPointAtDistance having undefined Line2D
  • added toxi.geom.Line3D#toRay3D
  • bugfix toxi.math.waves.* defaulting to an offset of 1 (instead of 0) when not specified
  • bugfix toxi.math.noise.simplexNoise throwing error in older browsers not supported Typed-Arrays
  • removed toxi.internals.Float32Array and toxi.internals.Int32Array polyfills
  • added toxi.internals.has#typedArrays for Typed-Arrays support testing


  • completed 100% of colorutils - toxi.color and toxi.color.theory packages with thorough test coverage
  • completed toxi.geom.Spline3D and corresponding unit tests
  • completed toxi.geom.LineStrip3D and corresponding unit tests
  • completed toxi.geom.SutherlandHodgemanClipper and unit tests
  • toxi.THREE.ToxiclibsSupport now uses toxiclibs` normals
  • renamed toxi.utils to toxi.util for consistency
  • toxi.geom.Polygon2D renamed #containsPoly() to #containsPolygon()
  • new methods for toxi.geom.Polygon2D post toxiclibs 0020 release, including #center(), #get(), #getBoundingCircle(), #getClosestPointTo(), #getClosestVertexTo(), #getNumVertices (deprecated #getNumPoints() ), #getRandomPoint(),#increaseVertexCount(), #intersectsPolygon(), #removeDuplicates(),Polygon2D.fromBaseEdge(), Polygon2D.fromEdgeLength(), Polygon2D.getRadiusForEdgeLength()
  • bugfix toxi.geom.Polygon2D#translate()
  • bugfix for toxi.math.MathUtils's #max() and #min() receiving 0 as falsey 3rd param
  • bugfix toxi.geomVec2D#equalsWithTolerance() if vector is null should return false
  • bugfix toxi.math.MathUtils#random() if one parameter is passed and its an integer, return an integer
  • updated node dependencies to require.js >= 2.0, almond ~0.2.6 and mocha >=1.12.0, no longer requiring global mocha
  • produced new builds with latest
  • removed utils/ contents used for old builds
  • developed build process for creating custom-builds that only includes requested module


  • wrote new unit tests for TColor, and ported all qunit unit tests to mocha
  • added docs/ to explain the added features of toxiclibs.js
  • added toxi.color.TColor#toInt for numbers in integer form, such as in three.js
  • added toxi.color.TColor#newCSS to ease converting any css color to TColor
  • bugfix toxi.color.TColor#addSelf
  • bugfix toxi.geom.mesh.TriangleMesh#computeVertexNormals returning NaN
  • bugfix toxi.geom.mesh.TriangleMesh#updateVertex
  • Updated toxi.THREE.ToxiclibsSupport to remove used of deprecated THREE.Vertex
  • AABB, Vec3D, Vec2D, Sphere.toMesh and Circle -> Ellipse circular dependencies resolved
  • now takes a callback for updating bounding box
  • bugfixes for toxi.physics2d.constraings.CircularConstraint and toxi.geom.Triangle2D
  • bugfixes for passing points into toxi.geom.Spline2D
  • support for options object in toxi.geom.Spline2D constructor


  • Resolved Issue 18 TriangleMesh.getBoundingBox and TriangleMesh.getBoundingSphere are now async methods to prevent circular dependency
  • Added toxi/geom/mesh/Terrain
  • Added UV's to toxi/geom/mesh/SurfaceMeshBuilder
  • Added UV's to toxi/geom/AABB
  • Added toxi/geom/mesh/OBJWriter
    • OBJ string can be retrieved with OBJWriter#getOutput()
  • Added TriangleMesh#saveAsOBJ()


  • ParticleString2D#clear() bugfix
  • removed all uses of 'instanceof' test, replaced with property testing
  • toxi/THREE/ToxiclibsSupport updated for latest revision of Three.js and now usable as an AMD module
  • Rect#setDimensions bugfix
  • Line2D#scale bugfix
  • Triangle2D#getCircumCircle bugfix


  • released as AMD modules,for use with RequireJS or Node.js
  • packaging changed to conform to Java lib packages
  • published to NPM
  • new classes
  •    `toxi.math.noise.PerlinNoise`
  •    `toxi.math.noise.simplexNoise`
  •    `toxi.math.conversion.unitTranslator`
  •    `toxi.processing.ToxiclibsSupport`
  •    `toxi.THREE.ToxiclibsSupport`
  • all examples edited for updated lib packaging
  • new examples
    •   PerlinNoise_canvas.html
    •   SimplexNoise_canvas.html
  • bugfix on toxi.geom.Vec3D#scaleSelf
  • build files are now available as toxiclibs.js and toxiclibs.min.js
  • process for producing build/ files changed to use r.js and Uglify.js and uses almond to provide a light-weight require shim.
  • markdown documentation added to docs/