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Contributing to Toxiclibsjs

Contributions to toxiclibsjs are appreciated, users who would like to contribute are encouraged to fork the github repository and send a pull request when they have tested their contribution and are ready for it to be merged into the library. Small fixes may be committed and pulled, or you may leave an issue and I will fix it myself.

Contribution rules

  • All code must be written to the Asynchronous Module Definition specification.
  • The top priority of all code is to follow the functionality and public API of the original toxiclibs. The aim is for there to be no exceptions, if for some reason there is, it must be clearly commented and mentioned in the pull request.
  • Extend classes using the internals module
  • Do not use methods such as _defineGetter_, or other methods that were not supported by older browsers. forEach can be used through the internals module if desired.
  • Do not write code that is tied to a specific environment, if possible (i.e. dont use 'window' or 'document' variables as those will not be available in a Node.js environment)
  • Protected variables should begin with a single underscore _myVar, private variables should begin with two underscores __myVar. If the variable is private or protected but has a getter and setter, the variable should be public.