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These are scripts from my bag of tricks that I've found useful over
time.  Some of them are from a long time ago and my coding style has
changed over time, so they are a bit uneven stylistically.

Feel free to bug me about them.  They are all released under a
2-clause BSD license, present in this repo.

I keep libraries in lib and scripts in scripts.  All Perl sources have
PODs of some kind.  Libraries generally use Makefile.PL.  I will
probably change all of this over time.

Scripts include:

* - Translate Tomboy/GNote-style XML notes into org-mode
* post-receive-* - Git post-receive hooks
* - Git-aware content "push" from post-receive script
* - carefully copy from one tree to another
* - split the output of git-diff into OpenBSD port patches/
* - turn the diffs between two trees into OBSD patches/

Libraries include:

* Org - Native Perl interface to the Emacs org-mode text file format
-- | 0x4FFCBB9C | hack("free") or die;