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Creating three AI agents that play the game Reversi (also known by the trademark Othello).

Written by python

This file will plays two AI agents against each other. From the command line, this function is invoked with:

% python [-t ] [-v] [-r] player1 player2

Where and are python files that contain a nextMove and nextMoveR. The flags -v stands for verbose output (display the board after every turn, already implemented), and -r stands for "reversed" (use nextMoveR rather than nextMove).

AI agent that makes a random legal move

AI agent that uses a brain-dead evaluation function, with no search

AI agent that uses a minmax search, with alpha-beta pruning

For example, you could have two random players play against each other with:

% python randomPlay randomPlay

If you wanted to play simpleGreedy against randomPlay (with simpleGreedy going first), seeing all the moves, with a clock of 150 seconds:

% python -t150 -v simpleGreedy randomPlay