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Connection Object

For each connection to Haraka there is one connection object.


  • connection.uuid

A unique UUID for this connection.

  • connection.remote_ip

The remote IP address

  • connection.remote_host

The rDNS of the remote IP

  • connection.local_ip

The bound IP address of the server as reported by the OS

  • connection.local_port

The bound port number of the server which is handling the connection. If you have specified multiple listen= ports this variable is useful if you only want a plugin to run when connections are made to a specific port

  • connection.greeting

Either 'EHLO' or 'HELO' whichever the remote end used

  • connection.hello_host

The hostname given to HELO or EHLO

  • connection.notes

A safe object in which you can store connection-specific variables

  • connection.transaction

The current transaction object, valid after MAIL FROM, and destroyed at queue time, RSET time, or if MAIL FROM was rejected. See the Transaction Object documentation file.

  • connection.relaying

A boolean flag to say whether this connection is allowed to relay mails (i.e. deliver mails outbound). This is normally set by SMTP AUTH, or sometimes via an IP address check.

  • connection.current_line

For low level use. Contains the current line sent from the remote end, verbatim as it was sent. Can be useful in certain botnet detection techniques.

  • connection.last_response

Contains the last SMTP response sent to the client.

  • connection.remote_close

For low level use. This value is set when the remote host drops the connection.

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