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import from v3 branch #1991

merged 1 commit into from Jun 29, 2017


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msimerson commented Jun 29, 2017


  • docs updated

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@msimerson msimerson merged commit 869d199 into haraka:master Jun 29, 2017

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@msimerson msimerson deleted the msimerson:plugins-md-to-master branch Jun 29, 2017

msimerson added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 29, 2017

merge master changes into V3 (#2027)
* ignore undefined socket.remoteAddress (#1846)

similar to #239

fixes #1835

* URL to manual was 404, point to (#1844)

* smtp forward dest split routing (#1847)

* split transactions with different forward routing

* use tls_ini_section_with_defaults (#1848)

* use net_utils.tls_ini_section_with_defaults()
fixes #1691

* assure conn/tran still exists before storing results (#1849)

* chore(package): update redis to version 2.7.0 (#1854)

* fix(package): update ipaddr.js to version 1.3.0 (#1857)

* Fix modifier regexp (#1859)

* doc typo in config file name (#1865)

Actual this is typo in plugin source - it uses "ini" file from another plugin called rabbitmq . So, in fact, no one of the plugins uses config file with name "rabbitmq_amqplib.ini" . This cause error (default values for the plugin) if you trying use the official documentation.

* fix(package): update async to version 2.2.0 (#1863)

* replace util.inherits with class .. extends (#1862)

* replace the discouraged util.inherits with `class Foo extends Bar` syntax
* chunkemitter: remove Buffer.concat shim for node < 0.7.11
* fsync_writesteam: moved into ./outbound (only required once)
* tls_socket: always set `isServer=true` (an recent merge made it
* removed test for cleartext.getCipher, it *should* always be present

* Added RabbitMQ vhost support (#1866)

* Add RabbitMQ vhost support
Virtual Host. Start with "/". Leave blank or not use if you don't want to use virtual hosts.

* Get pool (#1868)

* pass cfg object instead, simplifying get_pool
* more consistency with variable naming and passing
* add integration test: send message w/smtp_client

* tls consistency cleanups (#1851)

* tls_socket: add options.SNICallback

- refresh options.secureContext after setting a different cert in
- plugins/tls: add plugin.loadPemDir
- replace some + ‘ ‘ + patterns with string interpolation
- replace some `function (a,b) {` patterns with `(a,b) => {`

* add very basic tests for tls_socket

* move SNI into plugins/tls

* revert

* tls: remove interim variables (#1871)

* - remove interim variables
* remove unused _controlReleased

* Split delivery relay (#1875)

* do not defer relaying clients with split transactions

* disable naïve comment stripping (#1876)

* disable naïve comment stripping

fixes #1874

* tickle travis

* fix(package): update async to version 2.3.0 (#1878)

* chore(package): update ocsp to version 1.2.0 (#1879)

* Added missing 'default' keyword in rspamd plugin. Score wasn't added … (#1856)

* Added missing 'default' keyword in rspamd plugin. Score wasn't added properly to header
* Logging envelope from / recipients in lowercase in order to avoid changing ES analyzer ( slower performance )

* handle case where OCSP server is unavailable (#1880)

this likely fixes #1855

* Add .editorconfig (#1884)

* Removing typo from '' (#1886)

* Fix for issue #1410 (#1887)

* Fix for issue #1410

* Remove logging

* Confirmed that it works

* fixed auth_proxy socket error (#1894)


* Implement the missing upgrade method on SMTPClient. (#1901)

* fix(package): update async to version 2.4.0 (#1896)

* 1861 binary log (#1902)

* Binary log file

The log file without that replacement, is interpreted as binary file log issue.

* Binary log

replace regexp binary replace with code replace

* remove variable, line wrap

closes 1861

* Outbound split and move into folder (#1850)

* Move outbound to its own sub-folder

* Start of splitting up outbound into separate files

* Progress on splitting

* More progress, not working yet

* Outbound now seems to work. Tests still fail.

* Add missing file

* Fix outbound.js test

* Fix lint errors

* Outbound-Tests for RFC3464 bounce messages reworked (#1889)

* fix path to fsync_writestream (./ vs ../)

* make sure list_re is defined before access (#1903)

* Check error code instead of number.  Fixes GH-1895. (#1899)

* Bring client pool up to where we were before split (#1915)

* Bring client pool up to where we were before split
* Add changes from #1848
* Merge in class/extends changes

* Fix all logging to be [outbound] prefixed
* Fix self logger
* Fix net_utils call

* fix(package): update sprintf-js to version 1.1.0 (#1906)

* F/outbound client certificates (#1908)

* Add tls_options and associated tests to queue/smtp_forward
* Fix exception when no tls blacklist added. Add tests for smtp_client.
* Add documentation for outbound client_certificate

* Fix path parsing bug on Windows platform (#1919)

* Attempt to add some belt and braces around FIN (#1916)

* Attempt to add some belt and braces around FIN

* Add logging on write failure

* Allow outbound pools to be disabled (#1917)

* Allow outbound pools to be disabled

* Few changes after actually testing the code

* Fix for shutting down clients

* Set graceful shutdown off by default (#1927)

* Set graceful shutdown off by default

Still allow haraka -c <path> --graceful
Also sets graceful shutdown to shutdown in max 2xChildren amount
of time it sets to shutdown.

* Allow gracefulShutdown() to always be graceful

Makes the tests pass

* Fix comment

* Run dumped logs through plugins not console (#1929)

* Don't blow the stack on qstat (#1930)

* Don't blow the stack on qstat
* Should fix another call stack blowing issue

* Allow "Unknown Result" and Socket Error to Try Next Host (#1931)

* Allow "Unknown Result" and Socket Error to Try Next Host

If multiple hosts are listed for clamd and an "unknown result" is returned or a socket error occurs after connection, then attempt to try remaining hosts before returning DENYSOFT.

* Remove trailing spaces

* Clear off some done tasks (#1928)

* Clear off some done tasks

* remove completed or abandoned TODO items

* Check pool exists before delete (#1937)

* Fixes loading outbound under cluster. (#1934)

I don't really understand why this stuff broke.

It seems to be a bug in node's require() caching, frankly.

When loading modules they would return {} before actually
being loaded. This appears to be due to recursive requires.

This might fix #1933

Please test

* Fix cluster messaging for node v6+ (#1938)

* Fix undefined variable platformDOT in hmail.js (#1943)

* Update qfile.js

* Update hmail.js

* Update index.js

* Fix queue not loaded for single process (#1941)

* Fix queue not loaded for single process

* Update server.js

* Use the  sunset keyword in version specific code blocks (#1939)

Because `sunset` is the keyword we'll grep for (if we follow our instructions) when doing a semver major release.

* Fix PROTOCOL logs that have intermediate \n chars (#1947)

Most noted in SpamAssassin output

* Load logger in a setImmediate call (#1948)

* Bump haraka-results required version (#1949)

* Bump haraka-results required version

* Update package.json

* Fix undefined FsyncWriteStream var (#1953)

* Fix undefined FsyncWriteStream var

* Update hmail.js

* Be more strict in attachment filename matching (#1957)

* Be more strict in attachment filename matching

This copes with filename="d'euvre"

* Add a simple test

* Use punycode domain (#1944)

* Support SMTPUTF8 properly

* Use punycode for mail from too

* Enable SMTPUTF8 support

* Transaction is null there. Wait until it's set

* Add needed utf8 changes to connection.js

* punycode for the other addresses

* Fix trailing space

* Be consistent with todo.domain (#1960)

* Minor typo fix (#1963)


* Update package.json (#1968)

* Fix unaquired socket errors in test suite (#1971)

* Support the new address-rfc2822 (#1970)

* Support the new address-rfc2822

New module supports Groups, which have no host method

* Force version of rfc2822 required by the fix

* Fix missing backslash

* RabbitMQ: fix encoding of user and password when creating connection string (#1964)

* fix(package): update ipaddr.js to version 1.4.0 (#1972)

* Fix link redirection (#1975)

* require node LTS version (6+) (#1958)

* require node LTS version (6+)

* appveyor: install node v6

* whitespace changes for eslint 4 compat (#1979)

* whitespace changes for eslint 4 compat

* one more ws change

* fix(package): update iconv to version 2.3.0 (#1981)

* fix(package): update async to version 2.5.0 (#1982)

* Add node v8 (#1951)

* Add node v8
* enable node v8 testing, permitting v8 failures

* import from v3 branch (#1991)

* remove logging line (#1985)

the prefix is not required in config/plugins as the message states, but it is required for an NPM packaged plugin that requires another NPM packaged plugin and is then spurious

* doc: add note that smtp_forward only supports STARTTLS (#1988)

* Update qmail-queue.js (#1997)

qmail-queue binary Adds a Received: header with bare LF. Haraka sets CRLF by default resulting in mixed line endings which break header processing in some e-mail clients.
messagestream can convert CRLF to LF on the fly when calling qmail-send.

* rebuild blacklist upon file change (#1990)

previously just added new entries

fixes 1987

* Remove spurious logs (#1989)

* replace plugins/log.elasticsearch with npm packaged (#2004)

* replace access with npm packaged haraka-plugin-access (#1992)

* use WRITE_EXCL from haraka-constants (#2011)

* fix(package): update js-yaml to version 3.9.0 (#2002)

* build_todo() is part of the outbound/index.js api (#2016)

* rename xclient.hosts to match plugin & docs (#2014)

fixes #1265

* correct the config file name to relay.ini (#2012)

* fix(package): update semver to version 5.4.0 (#2015)

* require node 8 tests to pass (#2017)

now that node 8.2+ is on Travis

* fixes #1765 (#2013)

* Fix auth plugin failure when re-selecting auth method (#2000)

When sending the following sequence of commands, the auth plugin fails
since it tries to decode an undefined value as base64:

    334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6
    500 Unrecognized command # at this point plugin has failed

Fixes #1999

* Improve logging UUID tracking in Outbound (#2018)

* prep release 2.8.14 (#1932)

* prep for next release

* update Changes

* improve Changes formatting

* make the rest of the versions h2

* update Changes
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