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Run ELK and HAProxy to have a usable HTTPS secured ELK instance via Docker
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See for a more detailed explanation what's going on here.

How to use this


  • A Linux machine with docker and docker-compose
  • 2 GB RAM at least
  • A valid TLS certificate (put into haproxy/ssl/private/YOUR_HOST_AND_DOMAIN.pem)

Note that the certificate must contain the actual certificate and the private key with no passphrase. Otherwise HAproxy cannot use it.


Edit haproxy.cfg with a new admin password (replace ADMINPW with something less known.) Adjust the external ports in the haproxy section in docker-compose.yml to match your open firewall ports.

Change the owner of the data/ directory and start the containers with

chown 991:991 data
docker-compose up -d

At this point you have an insecure (no accounts, no password) ELK with HTTPS. To add accounts, follow the instructions from

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