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Nodegod provides Web-based management of apps by Harald Rudell

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Node God

[alt Nodegod Screen Shot]

Node God launches node applications, restarts them on crash or file updates and produces a shared log.

Run as demo

nodegod$ node app

=== 2012-06-23 13:24:21 Node God starting
   info  - started
process /home/foxyboy/Desktop/c505/node/nodegod/apps.json
Application Node God on node v0.6.14 available on port 1111 in development mode

opens a browser window that monitors an app that exits every 10 seconds.

Configuration Files


Node God itself is configured using a json file that provides port number, a session secret and the location of other json files containing application configurations. The paths searched for nodegod.json are:

  • $HOME/apps
  • $HOME
  • Node God's launch folder, where app.js is located
    "appFiles": "/home/foxyboy/apps/apps.json",
  • PORT: optional number: the port for Node God, defaults to env.PORT or 1111
  • appFiles: optional string or array of strings: filenames to search for app configurations.
    • if strings are not fully qualified paths, the folder where nodegod.json was found or node god's app folder are searched
    • default: apps.json in either the noegod.json folder or nodegod's app folder
  • sessionSecret: optional string, has a default value
  • defaultFolder: a parent folder for deployed apps, default the parent folder of where nodegod's app.js is located

Note: pids are stored in a file at $HOME/tmp or the global temp folder

Configuring files for monitored apps

    "Node.js #3": {
        "watchFiles": [
  • Key: the name of this app
  • id: optional string: the identifier (computer-friendly string) used for this app. default is derived from the app name, for "Node.js #3" here it would be "nodejs3"
  • state: optional string: the initial state of the app: run/stop/debug, default run
  • folder: optional path: the folder where the app is deployed. Default is a sibling folder to nodegod, ie. the parent folder of nodegod with id appended.
  • start: optional string or array of strings: parameters to the node executable, default app.js in the app's folder
  • watchFiles: optional string or array of Strings: filenames and folders to watch. If any file changes the app is restarted
  • launchBrowser: optional string: url for which a browser window is launched once


  • Web frontend for managing any number of apps.
  • App lifecycle management with states and transitions for run/stop/debug.
  • App is automatically restarted unless it crashes in less than 3 seconds.
  • If app state is crashed, watchers are still active so that a relaunch attempt is done on each file update.
  • File watchers restart the app after a 3 second delay, so that all file writes have time to complete.
  • Ability to reload app configurations as apps are added.
  • If Node God crashes, it will relaunch managed apps on restart so that they again become managed.
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