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Stlipse is an Eclipse Plugin that helps developing Stripes Framework based web application.
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Stlipse : Stripes plug-in for Eclipse

Stripes Framework is a web application development framework.
And Stlipse is a small Eclipse plug-in that helps developing Stripes based web applications.


JSP Editor Enhancements

  • JSP Support for beanclass attribute
  • Hyperlink for beanclass to open the ActionBean in Java editor
  • beanclass validation and Quick Fix to create the missing ActionBean directly from JSP
  • Content Assist and Validation for various Stripes form tags

Please see JSP editor enhancements for the details.

Java Editor Enhancements

  • Content Assist and Validation for field attribute of @Validate annotation
  • Content Assist and Validation for allow and deny attributes of @StrictBinding annotation
  • A set of templates

Please see Java editor enhancement and Templates for the details.


Please see the Installation Guide.

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