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I2C-Tiny-USB on Digispark and Adafruit Trinket

The i2c-tiny-usb firmware has been ported to the digispark and the Adafruit Trinket. It currently only works on the 5V Trinket because the 3.3V version does not officially support operation at 16MHz. The original port is available here.

The version distributed here is compatible with the original i2c-tiny-usb driver and e.g. works with the linux kernel driver. This page only describes the digispark port. Further information about the i2c-tiny-usb can be found in the main github repository.


Foto: rc522 i2c rfid reader connected to the digispark.

Pin mapping


SDA is mapped to pin P0 of the digispark. SCL is mapped to P2. SDA is mapped to pin #0 of the Adafruid Trinket. SCL is mapped to #2.

I2C pullup resistors

I2C requires SCL and SDA to be connected with pull-up resistors to 5V.

It is recommended to connect one 10k resistor from pin P0 to pin 5V and one from pin P2 to pin 5V.

Alternally you can comment out the I2C_IS_AN_OPEN_COLLECTOR_BUS definition in main.c. This will enable some CPU internal pullup resistors. These aren't very precise. If you encounter problems with the internal pullups please try external ones.

Without the pullup resistors the digispark will still be detected by the PC but once you are trying to access the I2C bus it may run into a timeout and you'll see e.g. the following message in the linux syslog:

[...] i2c i2c-4: failure writing data

In this case the watchdog will trigger and you can see the Adafruit Trinket to enter the bootloader again.

Flashing the firmware

A compiled binary named main.hex is available in the repository.

It can be flashed to the digispark board using the micronucleus tool from the digispark arduino installation:

micronucleus --run --dump-progress --type intel-hex main.hex

or the Adafruit Trinket using (make sure to apply their config tweeks first):

avrdude -pattiny85 -cusbtiny -D -Uflash:w:main.hex

More details on this can be found here.