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LCD2USB - (c) 2005-2007 by Till Harbaum 

LCD2USB is a simple and cheap HD44780 LCD to USB interface.
This interface is currently supported by the lcd4linux
See http://ssl.bulix.org/projects/lcd4linux/wiki/WikiStart

Since version x.07 lcd2usb supports a second avr usb stack.
The verson numbering is 1.xx for the avrusb version and
2.xx for the usbtiny version. Both versions provide identical

avrusb version

The firmware code itself is distributed under the GPL, but
the usb code comes under a separate license. Plase see 
the .txt files in usbdrv for details.

usbtiny version

The usbtiny stack comes under the regular GPL. If you want
to derive further projects from lcd2usb and want to stay
under the regular GPL you can just remove the avrusb specific