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Plugins for brickly
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Brickly plugins

These are plugins for Brickly

Plugins extend the functionality of brickly and add new blocks and new functions. The plugin infrastructure is still under development and may change.


Since version 1.38 brickly can upload plugins via the main web interface. In skill leven 5 clicking the "plug" icon will open a menu which allows to install plugins.

plugin installation

The plugins

ftDuino IO - ftduino.xml

This plugin gives brickly access to the IOs of an ftDuino connected via USB to the TXT or TX-PI.

The ftDuino needs to run the ftduino_direct sketch.

ftduino plugin

file IO - fileio.xml

Provides blocks to read and write simple files. The new blocks show up in the custrom (Spezial) category.

An example program looks like:

fileio plugin

test - test.xml

A simple test plugin without a really useful functionalty. This shows some of the basic plugin concepts and e.g. implements its own toolbox sub category as well a button inside the toolbox which directly interacts with the TXT.

test plugin

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