Improved jQueryUI Theme Switcher. Same look and feel as the original with some added functionality like adding your own theme's.
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Super Theme Switcher is a jQuery plugin based on the original jQuery theme switcher that is no longer hosted or supported by the jQuery UI project.


    imgpath: "images/",
	loadTheme: "dot-luv"

But since all parameters are optional you can just use it like this: $('#switcher').themeswitcher();


  • imgPath: String, path to image directory where theme icons are located
  • rounded: Boolean, rounded corners on themeswitcher link and dropdown
  • themes: An array of theme objects that will override the default themes.
    [{title:"My theme",name:"my-theme",icon:"my-icon.png",url:"http://url-to-my-css-file.css"}]
  • additionalThemes: An array of theme objects that will be INCLUDED along with the default themes.
    [{title:"My theme",name:"my-theme",icon:"my-icon.png",url:"http://url-to-my-css-file.css"}]
  • jqueryUiVersion: String, jQuery UI version of themes (Default themes are linked from Google CDN)
  • themePath: String, Base path to where the jQuery UI CSS themes are located (Default is Google CDN)

Demo located here.

This plugin includes the awesome jQuery cookie plugin by Klaus Hartl found here