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Kubernetic integrates with Helm as Package management. In this section the Repositories refer to Helm repositories.

{% hint style="info" %} In order for Repositories screen to be functional you need to install helm and do an init:

helm init --client-only

{% endhint %}

Go to screen Settings > Repositories

List Repositories

You will see the list of Repositories for Helm. By default helm configures stable and local repository.

Settings > Repositories: Manage Repositories

Adding Repository

Let's add a new repository:

{% hint style="info" %} To add a repository using helm CLI:

helm repo add kubernetic

{% endhint %}

Deleting Repository

Repositories can be deleted from the menu:

Settings > Repositories Menu

A confirmation dialog is shown before deleting the repository:

Settings > Repository deletion confirmation

{% hint style="info" %} To delete a repository using helm CLI:

helm repo remove kubernetic

{% endhint %}