An IDE for the Ohm language (JavaScript edition)
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Ohm Editor

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A standalone editor for the Ohm language.


Clone this repository and run npm install in the project root.

To run the editor in the browser:

npm start

To run the editor as a standalone app (using Electron):

npm run electron

Development Notes

  • To deploy from your local repository to, use bin/ When the script shows the following prompt:

      Do you want to deploy to (y/n)?
 can test things locally by switching to your clone of and running the following command in the repository root:

      python -c "import SimpleHTTPServer; m = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler.extensions_map; m[''] = 'text/plain'; m.update(dict([(k, v + ';charset=UTF-8') for k, v in m.items()])); SimpleHTTPServer.test();"

    This will serve the contents of the site locally.

  • This package depends on a specific version of Ohm from the GitHub repo, which is specified by including a commit hash as part of the dependency in package.json, e.g.:

        "dependencies": {
          "electron-prebuilt": "^1.1.0",
          "ohm-js": "git://"
    • To bump the version of Ohm, just replace the commit hash (#537ff61) with whatever version you want to depend on.

    • To depend on the contents of your local Ohm repository, just replace node_modules/ohm-js in your ohm-editor repo with a symlink to your copy of the Ohm repo. E.g.:

        $ cd node_modules
        $ mv ohm-js ohm-js.orig
        $ ln -s ../../ohm ohm-js

      ...then run npm install in the root of your ohm-editor repo.