A Morse Code Training Application
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KeyingReader.h compute the keying based on past dit lengths for better accuracy May 30, 2011
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ui_MainWindow.h reshuffle the entire sequence layout creation into the mode classes Feb 19, 2011


Cute CW: train yourself


I’ve had thoughts for a long time about how we train ourselves in CW (“Carrier Wave” otherwise known as Morse Code). After preparing for a presentation about learning CW I realized software could really help us out in ways not yet seen. This is my effort to help decrease the pain in training your brain to understand Morse Code.

Get it!

You can download the source code or pre-built binaries from:


You can also access the git repository, provided by githib, from:


Further Information

More documentation can be found at:


The growing list of CHANGES and the hopefully shrinking TODO list

Compiling It

CuteCW is a Qt4 based program. That means to compile it you’ll need some distribution of Qt4. You can download any of the recent Qt SDK sets and open the cutecw.pro file using qtcreator, which will then be able to compile and edit the code. Or, if you want to compile it via a terminal you can try the following steps:

  1. qmake-qt4 (if that doesn’t work, try just “qmake”)
  2. make
  3. optionally: make install