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hardaker committed Feb 19, 2011
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*** TODO saving in maemo on window close is broken?
*** TODO fix read-to-me memory issues
*** TODO make some default texts to pick from (gutenberg?)
+*** TODO read rss feeds
*** TODO move highscores button into the options menu
*** TODO make a "score" counter for recognition: sum(avewpm)
+*** TODO make a keying input set of items:
+***** TODO training for straight keying with proper spacing/lengths
+***** TODO training for semi-automatic
+***** TODO training for iambic
+*** TODO add a training mode for pile-ups
+ + increase the number of simultaneous signals
+ + potentially at varying speed levels
+*** TODO other "similar" sequences: auv4, ndb6, eish5, ...
moves DONE entries to via c-c c-x c-s
#+ARCHIVE:* Next Version: 0.6

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