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Reverse Captcha for your Rails app
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This repository was for Rails 2.x and is no longer actively maintained. The Rails 4.x version can be found here.

Trap Door – Reverse Captcha for Rails

Unobtrusive Captcha for your Rails forms. Trap Door works by adding a hidden “honeypot” field to your forms that only a spam bot will fill out. A before filter checks for the presence of this field and banishes bots to a spam trap.


script/plugin install git://

Using Trap Door

In your view

    <% form_for(@post) do |form| %>
        <%= trap_door_field %>
        # the rest of your form...

In your controller

    class PostController < ApplicationController
        trap_door :only => :create
        # the rest of your controller...


By default Trap Door names the hidden_field :affiliate_id. Obviously this won’t work for everyone so you can change the field name by creating an initializer in config/initializers and telling Trap Door the name it should use for the honeypot field:

TrapDoor.honeypot_field_name = :go_away

Copyright © 2009 Mike Breen, released under the MIT license

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