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coreboot for HiFive Unleashed

HiFive Unleashed is the 1st RISC-V based hardware can run GNU/Linux. Jonathan Neuschäfer as a coreboot for RISC-V maintainer started to porting coreboot to HiFive Unleashed. The original boot process is about:

+------+    +------+    +------+    +-----+
| MSEL |--->| ZSBL |--->| FSBL |--->| BBL |
+------+    +------+    +------+    +-----+

Our target should be looks like this:

+------+    +------+    +----------+
| MSEL |--->| ZSBL |--->| coreboot |
+------+    +------+    +----------+

coreboot is supposed to replace FSBL/BBL but FSBL is not open source. Due to some reasons( NDA?), SiFive wouldn't provide either source code or DRAM controller config register value. Fortunately, SiFive seems ok about people getting it by reverse engineering. We dump the FSBL binary blob and it's about ~9k LoC( asm). Well, it should be easier than reversing Intel FSP( even in case of which IDA Pro decompiler doesn't work here).

Update: Jul 2 2018

SiFive decided to release the full source code of HiFive Unleashed shortly and that's an awesome news. IMOHO, we still need RE tools if other vendor/board doesn't open source in the future.

RE issues


Dump the binary blob

Assume that you've already decompress the gpt image from the zip file:

# losetup -f hifive-unleashed-a00-1.0-2018-03-20.gpt
# losetup -l

Dump the fsbl blob and fsbl.bin is bascially our "evil" blob:

# partx -a /dev/loop0
# partx -s /dev/loop0
 1    34    85      52   26K fsbl               0ab3452d-e798-50f9-b9ae-db3ebca936bf
 2    86 32701   32616 15.9M bare-metal program 7c3f492f-88ef-5a49-a1c6-85745a1bfa31

# dd if=/dev/loop0p1 of=dump.bin
# riscv64-unknown-linux-gnu-as inc.s -o inc.o
# riscv64-unknown-linux-gnu-ld -T linker.ld inc.o -o fsbl.elf

Dissecting our "evil" blob( sure it's not Bob)

File info:

# rabin2 -I fsbl.elf 
Warning: Cannot initialize program headers
Warning: Cannot initialize dynamic strings
Warning: Cannot initialize dynamic section
Warning: index out of strtab range
Warning: index out of strtab range
Warning: index out of strtab range
Warning: index out of strtab range
arch     riscv
binsz    134244557
bintype  elf
bits     64
canary   false
class    ELF64
crypto   false
endian   little
havecode true
lang     c
linenum  true
lsyms    true
machine  RISC V
maxopsz  16
minopsz  1
nx       false
os       linux
pcalign  0
pic      false
relocs   true
rpath    NONE
static   true
stripped false
subsys   linux
va       true