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This is not the cyber you ever expected....did I just say cyyyberrrr....
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It's a DLT project( I didn't say blockchain, did I?) I've been getting involved with in the beginning. The project was named by one of my business channel customer and they called it "SECC" in the 1st place and then renamed it as "RootOWL"( the name don't matters anymore because their website seems doesn't have a TLS certificate-_-). Whatever the current name is I'll just called it security-chains. I was trying to solve some security problem by the advantage of DLT. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fundamental pieces are still missing. Maybe I got into a place in a very bad timing which the price of alt-coins dropped. Our customers ran away and their investors ran away and, well maybe ( almost)every frauds ran away. Damn, they must be LP fans;-) It won't bother myself to stick with some work to forge the FLOSS tools for core infrastrcuture security( based on Hardening the COREs) of the decentralized cloud/data center.

Well, the original design was still in draft stage but with the shitty ICO gone I won't have the problem with someone else's shitty NDA, which means make the documentation public won't be the trouble for me. Here we go:


If you are an 0ldsk00l hacker, this white paper might not suits you. I used some bad terms( like white-hat, blockchain, etc) to simplify the concept for ordinary people easy to understand. Please see this as a shitty marketing PR just like any big corps/Linux Foundation would do for the profit purpose only;-)

Hope it will give a little help/inspire to those who are still interested in decentralized infrastructure.


  • Shawn C [ a.k.a "citypw]
  • Ivo Toman
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