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UWAC stands for Using Wayland As Client, it tries to provide a library to help porting existing Xlib application without using heavy toolkits that are already wayland compatible (SDL, Qt5, Gtk, ...).

UWAC tries to keep the Xlib spirit to minimize changes needed to port an application to wayland.

Supported features

UWAC is in heavy development so it's far from beeing feature full, anyway it supports the following:

  • share graphic content with the wayland compositor using the wl_shm protocol. OpenGl is not supported yet;
  • double buffering of window content: so that you can draw while a frame is beeing rendered by the compositor;
  • handle seats with keyboard, pointer (mouse) and touch devices. UWAC is multi-seat aware (even if most applications may not care);
  • an event system that looks like the X11 one;
  • supports for XDG, fullscreen and IVI shells;


I have tried to minimize the libraries required to compile UWAC, today the dependencies are:

  • wayland client
  • pixman
  • xkbcommon


UWAC lacks a lot of things:

  • no Client Side Decoration (CSD), so you can not really interact with the window itself: no way to resize with the mouse, to close. And of course, without CSD the window looks ugly;
  • no mouse pointer support: this is planned but requires quite a lot of work;