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FreeRDP Qt platform plugin

Application details

This is a Qt5 platform plugin to export application through RDP without modifying the original code.


  • Qt5
  • FreeRDP 1.1 (for now it's master)


You'll need Qt5 installation, you can find precompiled Ubuntu packages in the Qt5-edgers PPA.

Requirements for FreeRDP can be found here The following instructions can be used to build a FreeRDP in a custom location:

$ export INSTALL_PATH=$HOME/deploy 
$ git clone https://github.com/FreeRDP/FreeRDP.git
$ cd FreeRDP
$ make install

Next to build the platform plugin with qt5-edgers packages (make usage of qtchooser):

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$INSTALL_PATH/lib/pkgconfig/:$INSTALL_PATH/share/pkgconfig/
$ qtchooser --qt=qt5 --run-tools=qmake
$ make


To use the platform plugin you need to specify the path where QT can find plugins:

$ export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=$(PWD)/plugins

Now launch any Qt5 program (you'll find many in the examples directory) with the -platform freerdp parameter, for example:

$ ./menus -platform freerdp