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What? Why? Waaa

I wanted to pause spotify (and more...) running in firefox using my media keys and this is what i have. It works and as of now it is just pause and play. Adding the rest is just a piece of cake, but why make a cake you dont want to eat :p .I'll add that soon :D Note:

  • it supports next and previous too
  • it supports spotify, saavn, gaana and soundcloud


The server is an application that sends over the media key to the plugin via websockets. I couldnt figure out an easier way of doing this and believe me this was not easy too. (Note:I have never worked with ObjC/ Cocoa / OSX Whatever)


After fighting with a raw firefox plugin for days, i ended up using the SDK (which i didnt want to, because the plan was to learn). It basically listens for the media key events, finds the first spotify tab and pauses it. It is very raw .. very very raw and a kind-of-weekend project. I will try to update this as per required.

Running it

  • install node.js, npm and firefox (you should install them, even if you are not using this plugin)
  • Clone the repository $ git clone
  • Change directory $ cd mekespo
  • Switch to the server directory $ cd server
  • install server packages $ npm install
  • run the server $ node server.js& - Note, for now you should do this after every restart or maybe put it in your bashrc / startup. Need to figure out a better way to handle this.
  • install the plugin in firefox. The plugin xpi file is at plugin/mekespo.xpi - just drag and drop it to your firefox
  • Enjoy!


  • iTunes starts up everytime i use my media Keys
  • this worked for me

Feature Requests

Frankly, I would like Pull Requests more than feature requests :D Or just create an issue \m/


Media Keys For Web Players, Firefox Plugin and a generic server






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