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Takes a standard Raspbian Lite image and adds USB Ethernet gadget config
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Raspbery Pi USB Gadget Image Builder

A script to add USB Ethernet Gadget configuration to a standard Raspbian Lite SD Card image. This should work with Raspberry Pi Zero, Zero W and 4.

Currently only tested on Linux, but should run on OSx


  • Docker
  • expect


Clone the repo

git clone

Copy the raspbian lite image into the rpi-gadget-image-creator directory.


./create-image 2019-09-26-raspbian-buster-lite.img

Once complete you can write the image file to a SD Card with any of the usual tools e.g. dd or balena-etch. You can find instructions on the Raspberry Pi website here


Look at repackaging everything into an extention to DockerPi so the whole thing runs in the container.

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