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@hwspeedy hwspeedy released this 28 May 18:27
· 14 commits to master since this release


hardinfo has been rebooted as hardinfo2!!

Homepage with Benchmark compare and Pictures of application:

• Lots of Maintenance/testing/doc/bugfixing and updating for current distros
• Keeping it working for ~10 years of old distros and tools
• New Benchmarks that works from slow to fast machines
• Added themes and dark/light mode
• Remade the lost website
• CLI improved for command line usage
• Lots of UI/UX improvements -> Refreshed

Updates from 2.1.8
• Fixed theme change not supporting native system settings theme setup.
• Fixed background light/dark mode could be wrong depending on DE version

Updates from 2.1.5
• Critical error - app was unreadable due to faulty dark mode detection
• Added gsettings and dynamic darkmode for newer distros

Updates from 2.1.2
• PACKAGING: Recommends updated: add fwupd
• - See
• Build updated to CMake 3.0.2 and more verbose/check during CPack builds
• Build hardcoded prefix=/usr - we only build packages or install directly to package destination.
• Fixed Translations not working in all distros/Packages
• Fixed Memory Devices asked for root
• Added loong64 as loongarch64 architecture
• Added mips64el as mips architecture
• Added Hungarian language
• Minor: Fixed GCC warnings for modules/architectures, implicit function declarations, runtime warnings

Updates from 2.0.18
• Themes support added along with 6 themes for dark and light mode.
• Memory_usage updated
• UI/UX improved (Notes color scheme fixed for dark/light mode, scrollbars, sorting, string wrap, man page updated)
• CLI - Skip benchmark reporting when -s (skip benchmark)
• User Note for group benchmarks - more to come on this topic in user guide
• Added network interface speed
• Minor fixes - deprecated functions, gcc warning, runtime warning, implicit ctype functions, uninitialized variable
• Fix Reload details after synchronize - M11
• Fix frozen app window, focus loss every second time benchmarking - M13
• Fix Benchmark shows too many records when not completed
• Fix lowering flash in GUI benchmark for epileptics.

Updates from 2.0.15
• LibSoup3 for distros having libsoup3 - remember to add build dependency
• Command Line Interface improved and added synchronize from CLI
• Minor fixes - deprecated functions, gcc warning, possible crashes, fixed benchmark stop crash, FFT Benchmark memory leak, Fix rerun stopped benchmark
• added GPU drawing benchmark - for history and fun - numbers are bogos

Updates from 2.0.12
• Add license LGPL2.1+ and GPL3.0+ for parts of code
• Minor fixes - RiscV isaflags, FC39 manpages, kernel modules sorting, fix po validation, desktopfile
• Packaging hardinfo2

Updates from 2.0.9pre
• Added define MAINTAINER for distro building
• Minor fixes - json to server was translated, sync window handling, pcie width

Updates from 2.0.7pre
• Updated data and translation for distro release
• Improved synchronize for bandwidth usage and initial usage
• Minor fixes, M4, M5, M9, M12, M16

Updates from 2.0.5pre
• Added Internal network speed benchmark from bp0
• Fixes for debian7, Risc-V
• Minor fixes, M3, M14, M15, L3

Updates from 2.0.3pre
• Minor fixes, M1, M2, M6, M7, M8, L1

Updates from 2.0.1pre
• Keep Packaging name for upgrades in distro
• Minor fixes, M10

Updates from hardinfo 0.6a
• Lots of missing maintenance
• GTK3 now working
• Long overdue PR finally added
• Backports and code stability across 10 years of tools.
• Lots of crashfix
• UI/UX improved
• Packaging system for deb/rpm.
• Benchmarking now works from very slow machines to very fast machines.

Known issues:


$${\color{black}hard\color{blue}info\color{red}2\color{black} - Download}$$


Please first try to see if the package hardinfo2 is in you distro:

Note: This is the same source code as distro releases with stepped minor number, which will only be build by distros.