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Safety Disclamer

You agree that you are personally responsible for your safety and actions while using the club’s tools during meetups or events. You agree to use the club facilities, tools, equipment, and materials in a safe way, and to utilize safety gear appropriate for each task in which you engage. If you need to do something that may be dangerous, you will first consult with Center personnel. If you have any questions as to the proper or safe use of any tool, equipment, or material, you will not use the same until you have consulted with Center personnel. Further, You will not use any tools or equipment that require prior permission (e.g., CNC machine, bandsaw, etc.) unless you have first received such permission from Center personnel. You will comply with all Center policies and rules, including but not limited to all club CoC, policie, guidelines, signage, and instructions. You agree that You shall be responsible to pay any applicable fees for any and all damage, loss, or clean-up caused by your use of the same. Because the Community is open for use by other individuals, You shall recognize that confidentiality is not and cannot be promised. You shall understand that you are responsible for properly monitoring and labelling anything you bring into the meetips, and that the Community is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property.

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