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A Lightning Talk on ServerSpec, given at Code4Lib 2019, San Jose, CA.
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Wait, what? Getting your bearings with ServerSpec

Lightning Talk, Code4Lib 2019, San Jose, CA

Abstract: Library developers change jobs, we’re always the newbie. ServerSpec is a fantastic tool for keeping track of exactly what is supposed to be running on which server. Chances are such tests don’t exist in your current workplace; chances are such tests would be significantly helpful to your coworkers. This is a tool that should be in your box.

NOTE: this talk was originally submitted as a workshop. The workshop was cancelled at the last minute due to space constraints. I re-worked the introduction to the workshop into a lightning talk instead. It just barely fits in five minutes, if I read my speakers notes very quickly. I apologize for my lack of eye contact.

The two "live demo" portions are recorded and edited Asciinema screencasts. They did not display in the video recording of this talk, when I was using the Git-pitch embedded screencast functionality. It is my hope that using Reveal.js directly will produce a slide deck which will be capable of being recorded.

To play these slides requires Reveal-md, which can be installed with a simple npm install -g reveal-md command, if you have npm and Node.js installed. In order to edit these slides, you can run the following command:

reveal-md --watch

To print these slides, run the following:

reveal-md --print C4L19-serverspec-lightning-talk.pdf

Or, if you just want to view the slides, here is a PDF of them: PDF.

Or, if you want to watch, here's the recording of this talk from the LiveStream on YouTube.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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