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Checking digits with a digit!
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Checking digits with a digit!

Sample Parity Sample UPC

Sample ISBN Sample Luhn


pip install checkdigit

Or download the project here


  • Add a parity digit to a string of binary
  • ISBN
    • Validates both ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 Codes
    • Determines Missing Digits
    • Calculates Check Digits
  • UPC
    • Evaluates Check Digits
    • Validates UPC Codes
  • Luhn
    • Validates Credit Cards, IMEI Numbers, and more!
    • Determines Check Digits
    • Calculate Missing Digits


The test folder can be found here here

You can run the tests by running python

Here is an example output:

Example Tests


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

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