Python classes to carry out multithreaded scalepack,phaser and refmac5 runs
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If you want to carry out a simple crystallographic workflow wherein you take a series of processed xtal data in the form of sca files and then 
1) convert them from sca to mtz
2) run phaser using a pre-configured search: i.e hardcode the pdb model to be used and number of copies of the single ensemble to search for
3) run a single round of restrained refinement in  Refmac to produce refined output pdb and weighted maps

Then the script generators in this project will carry out that workflow in a multithreaded manner.

This code is very much work in progress and experimental
I am greatful to @Falmarri(stackoverflow) , @Apalala (stackoverflow), Steven D'Aprano (comp.lang.python) , Thomas L. Shinnick (comp.lang.python), Terry Reedy (comp.lang.python) , and Nobody (comp.lang.python) for their helpful suggestions.