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Symfony 2.7.3 set up as simple as a `vagrant up`
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This repo is both a perfect starting point for a new Symfony 2.7.3, including a very simple yet sufficient provisioning, allowing anyone to get symfony running as quick as a vagrant up, and a catalog of feature showcases.

The showcases are available through the branches of this repo. Each one of them introduces feature, usually backing up a blog article detailing it.


git clone
cd symfony-vagrant-up/vagrant
vagrant up

You're done, enjoy :


Once the project is installed, feel free to navigate through the branches to try out the showcases.

POC Multiple Files upload

git checkout POC-multiple-files-upload

This branch backs up this article :

You need to execute the following commands to make it work :

app/console do:da:dr --force
app/console do:da:cr
app/console do:mi:mi -n

(Note : These commands will delete the current vagrant database and create another one)

Enjoy :

POC Single file upload dropzone

Coming soon ...

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