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Aura Framework v2: The Missing Manual

Aura Framework v2: The Missing Manual is a clean and concise guide to using the upcoming Aura Framework v2, a powerful and flexible system for web as well as command line applications.

Aura Framework v2 has 3 types of skeletons with which you can start your projects:

  1. aura/web-project: For web applications
  2. aura/cli-project: For CLI (command line) applications
  3. aura/framework-project: For applications with both web and CLI interfaces.

About the Aura Project

The Aura Project is a collection of independent PHP packages, all of which offer features in different categories. Each package is self-contained and contains only the things it needs for its core functionality. None of the packages depend on any of the other - you can use each of the packages on its own. This modularity helps keep projects lean, avoiding bloat.

You can find Aura version 1 packages at http://auraphp.com/packages/ or the newer, version 2 packages at over http://auraphp.com/packages/v2.

About This Book

This book assumes you have intermediate knowledge of PHP 5. Experiences with other frameworks will be helpful, but isn't necessary.

Thank you for purchasing a copy from leanpub.


Aura Framework v2: The Missing Manual is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Contribution in any form is always welcome.

The book is hosted on GitHub. Feel free to fork it and send pull request to add or change things.

If you find a bug, but you don't have the time to fix it yourself, please create an issue and the authors will look into it.