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Creating a blog using zend framework

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*Note , this is not fully complete . I am working on it to add additional functionalities .

Creating a blog using Zend Framework 1.9 . I am learning zend framework and also learning git .

Added authentication , authorization , pagination etc.

4 roles are there . Guest , User , Blogger and Admin .

Guest can view all posts and comments. 

User can post comments . 

Blogger can add, edit posts and add comments.

Admin can do everything. 

Actually need a Roles table and the foreign key will be placed in the Users table . 

But for the simplicity I have added the roles in the users table itself . 

As I am new to Zend_ACL and Zend_Auth I have made this for my convinience :)

Added registration form and forgot password request form . Need to implement it . Working on it .

There may be errors from my part as I am learning . You can download and use at your own risk .

Licenced to copy modify in the terms of GNU/GPL :)

Feel free to comment for the post in my blog . Let me know the erros and bugs .


Added ckeditor the Opensource WYSIWYG editor for adding and editing posts .

*Sorry a bug its not storing the tags . Striptags stipping :) . Let me see whether I can trace it out .

Changed the way the login and logout was added .

Gallery : 

Added a small portion to get the picasa web albums from public gallery

I am thinking to implement the feature to upload to picasa via admin . Hope to do it soon :) . So every one can enjoy it .
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