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The installation is really simple; Just upload the plugin to your plugin directory and enable it using the admin dashboard


Once the module is installed using the various steps in the INSTALLATION HOWTO section you can browse to *wp-admin/options-general.php?page=icecat_data_grabber where you set your preferences.

You can set your own language.

Dont forget to set the brand, sku and ean. After saving the post browse to it and you will see (if data is available) that it completed your post with all the data it can find.


What does it do?

When creating a post you have the option to fill in a brand and partnumber

When the node is viewed and there is product information available in http://www.icecat.biz/.

When can it be used?

The module can be used in various websites.

example: you have a webshop. You fill in the product name, price, sku, brand and partnumber.

That's all no more information is needed to fullfill your product with information. check the screenshot for an example of a notebook.

What is icecat

Icecat is an open web catalog. It allows you to get xml data using a login/password ip and a string.

This module integrates the xml part into drupal making it easy to get product specs.

A part of brands supporting icecat: http://www.icecat.biz/us/menu/partners/index.htm

Icecat is also multilanguage. You can set yours in the module setting so that your product specs are the same as the rest of your website.

You can create your account on: http://icecat.biz/

You can check your website ip by entering the following command in windows CMD: ping yoururl.com.

This plugin used to be a commercial one. As I am moving focus to other activities, this is now opensource and free to use.