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Teaching Resources

If you are new to teaching (as I was this semester), you may frequently find yourself having to Google for basic templates. Here, I have summarized a bunch of basic templates for many standard documents that are required during teaching.

Exam Template (Using LaTeX)

If you use LaTeX to create exam question papers (and/or homework questions), I recommend using this template. This is taken from Philip Hirschhorn’s website and modified mildly to suit my needs. (Thank you, Philip).

There are helpful tables on the front page that allow you to calculate points on each question. See Sample PDF.

Syllabus Template (Using LaTeX)

If you use LaTeX to create a syllabus for your course, I recommend using this template.

A useful tip: It might be helpful to index your sessions instead of using dates (e.g., Session 1, Session 2, etc., instead of August 21st, 20xx, August 28th, 20xx, etc.) – therefore, you need not update your syllabus each semester you teach (invariant w/ time).

The component I recommend is a tentative schedule w/ a list of keywords – students find it useful to have such a list of topics.

PowerPoint Template

If you add lectures using PowerPoint, I provide a template that I like (and students find readable).

The key is to minimize bezzles (white space on the borders) to as less as possible, but not any lesser. The attached template delivers on this idea.


A list of documents that might be useful for first time teachers






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