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Impressionist is a visual tool that enables you to create impress.js presentations in a visual, easy to use way. The drag and drop orchestrator will help define slide transitions visually.
Impressionist is conceptualized and developed by Harish Sivaramakrishnan (@hsivaram) and is under open development on github. Please feel free to watch / fork / log issues.
The current version is alpha 3
* WSWIYG slide authoring
* Google web fonts support for typography
* Text and Image support
* Copy + Paste support (CTRL + C & V) for object duplication
* Transform controls for slide elements
* Delete objects, Delete slides
* WSIWYG orchestration view
* 3D orchestration using controls
* Preview presentation
* Export presentation as ZIP
* Save presentation (source) to resume work.
The preview is hosted at This is currently webkit only. Please use google chrome or safari to run the app. This has not been tested to a great deal on windows (blame it on me having only a mac) and I expect to find more issues on win than on mac. Please do log issues / feature requests in the issues section
Impressionist leverages the following libraries:
* Name for the project courtesy Anirudh Sasikumar (@anirudhs)
* Bartek Szopka's Impress.js (
* Twitter's Bootstrap (
* jQuery & jQuery UI (
* Anthony Terrien's jQuery Knob (
*'s colorpicker (
* Peter Nederlof's Playing with matrices (,0,0,1,0,0) [Adaptation]
* Thomas Fuchs's Keymaster.js (
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