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Quick code for hoptoad and Pivotal Integration

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== HopTracker
This small piece of code handles the Integration of Pivotal Tracker and Hoptoad errors.

Its very basic and rude right now. But it enters recent 30 error in pivotal.

To run it call 

== Setup: 
Do you setup in config.yml

== Tech:

Adds the hoptoad error id and pivotal story id in a yml file errors.yml. And from here it keeps track of already added stories. Deleting a row from this means that error will be entered again in Pivotal.


  HOPTOAD_AUTH_TOKEN: '037ac66c884bfe7252efdd9a2714b774d96c2ab9'
  PIVOTAL_API_TOKEN: '35849c581988d8ee4599ffa851d4ac74'

== TODO:
1. Remove errors.yml from git and create it automatically at initialize if it does not exist 
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