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GitHub Analytics

Analyze GitHub public timeline & provide insights.

Tech stack includes Python, Node.js, MongoDB & Neo4j

  • Fetch and parse public GitHub activity from GitHub Archive. Event type PushEvent are parsed using Node.js and inserted into MongoDB
  • Nodes and relations are built using Cypher query language and inserted into Neo4j for insights and recommendations
  • Application is developed in Python using Flask framework

Deployment Steps

Step1: Set environment variables

deployEnv=""           #production or development
PORT=5000              #non-standard port
#Heroku specific for Python & node.js

#Production specific environment variables
connectURL=""          #mongo connect URL
connectURLRead=""      #mongo connect URL for readonly account
database=""            #database name
mycollection=""        #collection name

#Development specific environment variables
connectURLdev=""       #mongo connect URL
databasedev=""         #database name
mycollectiondev=""     #collection name
myIP=""                #development server IP address

#Neo4j specific environment variable
neoURL=""              #neo4j connection string

Step 2: Get GitHub Archive public activity for the past hour

$> node FetchParseGitHubArchive.js  //Add this script to a scheduler 

Step 3: Start Flask

$> python
# Procfile used for Heroku deployment

Step 4: Visit localhost:5000

Step 5: Integration with Neo4j (optional)

$>cd bin                               #bin folder inside repository
$>python             #build nodes and relations
$>cd /local/neo4j/bin                  #neo4j location
$>./neo4j-shell -file /path-to-cypher  #import cypher from neo4j shell
$>cd bin                               #bin folder inside repository
$>python                #insert recommendations inside mongo

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