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Test bench for different OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering techniques and their applications. These are gathered into one application a user can navigate using ActionBar tabs.

Currently implemented:

  • Rubber, a Bezier surface cube consisting of roughly 2400 vertices.
  • Splines, renders 100 Bezier curves each consisting of 80 vertices.
  • Fractal, GLSL based Mandelbrot fractal with touch support.
  • Blob, an elastic form generated using three control points.
  • Particles, a 10000 particle system which demonstrates emitting and simple solving.
  • Textures, transformed textures using one GLSL shader only.


All the source code, layouts and other textual content is licensed under Apache 2.0 license and are free of use for personal and/or commercial projects. See LICENSE for more descriptive information.