InstaCam, Instagram alike application for realtime photo manipulation.
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InstaCam, sort of a Instagram alike application for realtime photographing manipulation. Unlike Instagram, InstaCam allows user to adjust color filters in realtime with use of OpenGL ES 2.0 external OES textures. This allows camera preview to be rendered on screen using regular OpenGL ES 2.0 GLSL shaders and in return make it possible to apply image filters in realtime. While at the same time it's somewhat easy task to maintain same shader code as RenderSctipt implementation for final picture saving.

Application requires API 15+ so it ain't prime time for it yet but for ones with ICS update go get it at; .


Application icon used within .APK installation file and on Google Play -market, is taken from icon pack by Yanko Andreev. From his MetroDroid icon pack to be more precise - which is released under Creative Commons -license and should be legal for usage under non-commercial applications.

Other icons used in the application are taken from Faience icon theme made by Matthieu James. These icons are licensed under GPLv3 license and it should be sufficient to provide my slightly modified versions here among with other source code..

Some code is translated from LightBox Photo Processing project into GLSL and RenderScript code. For filters that is. It's highly recommended to take a look on this project if you're into familiarizing yourself with color filters.

Beyond these exceptions, all code what-so-ever textual content, including shaders, layouts etc, is licensed under Apache 2.0 License ( and can be used in commercial or personal projects.