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A 2D Game Engine made in pure Java
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Etyl is the newest version of Etyllica (a 2D Game Engine made in Java).

The project was modified to handle multiples backends (choose between AWT or LibGDX), now you can run the exactly SAME code in Desktop or Android (and possibly HTML5 and iOS in the future, thanks to LibGDX).

How to start



Local jar

Can't use maven? No problem, build a local jar.

Minimal Working Example

import com.harium.etyl.Etyl;
import com.harium.etyl.commons.context.Application;

public class Main extends Etyl {

    public Main() {
        super(800, 600);

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Main app = new Main();

    public Application startApplication() {
        return new HelloWorld(w, h);

    public class HelloWorld extends Application {
        public HelloWorld(int w, int h) {
            super(w, h);

        public void load() {}

        public void draw(Graphics g) {
            g.fillRect(0, 0, w, h);

Related projects


Do you have a request? Need some help?

Open an issue, lets talk.

Need some privacy?

Send me an e-mail:


Basically you can use it freely (even in commercial projects) but if you make some changes in Etyl, I would like to see it as a Pull Request (and maybe add it to the project).

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