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Code for BMVC 2018 paper 'Incremental Tube Construction for Human Action Detection'
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LICENSE Update Apr 2, 2019


Official code for BMVC 2018 paper 'Incremental Tube Construction for Human Action Detection' If you use this code, please cite this Incremental Tube Construction for Human Action Detection:

  title={Incremental Tube Construction for Human Action Detection},
  author={Harkirat S. Behl and Michael Sapienza and Gurkirt Singh and Suman Saha and Fabio Cuzzolin and Philip H. S. Torr},

Pre Requisites

STEP-1 Installing required libraries

The code for the tube construction algorithm is built in Matlab. Most of the functions used usually come with most Matlab distributions. Users might need to install Bioinformatics Toolbox, if it is not already present in the Matlab distribution. This is needed for the graphconncomp function.

STEP-2 Downloading and preparing the dataset

UCF-101: Download the images and ssd detections for UCF-101 from link. After downloading the dataset, extract it within the repository as it is.


Run the file ''


To visualize the results, make the flag 'DISPLAY = 1' or 'DISPLAY = 2' in file ''


to-do list


If you have any queries at all, or need help with understanding/using the code or any part of it, please do not hesitate to contact me (Harkirat) at .

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